Saturday, November 16, 2013

Minted Holiday Cards

I am a huge fan of Minted Christmas cards! Every year I fall in love with their designs and I'm always impressed by the great quality and customer service that they offer. I can't wait to send out our holiday cards this year which will be full of pictures of Joey, cause I can't help myself.

I am loving their new foil pressed cards!
I always like browsing through the cards with fun graphics and beautiful font.
There's always a nice selection of simple, beautiful cards to let your family photos shine.
One of my favorite things about Minted is how you can upload your pictures and preview different cards to compare and select your favorite. I also love their great sales and the ability to purchase cards under their sale and come back later to add your photos, a great way to catch a good deal!

Now I just need to get back our Christmas pictures to select the perfect card to send out to family and friends!

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Joey 2 Months

You're about 11.5lbs and almost 25 inches long!

-Mommy, mommy, mommy
-Owl lovey
-Sleeping in bed with mommy & daddy
-ABC song
-Bath time
-Standing up

-Getting out of the bath (a total scream fest)
-Bottles, especially if mommy is around
-Getting in the car seat
-Pacifier (still no luck, although sometimes you'll take it in the car)
-Daddy's hairy chest (you've been on a daddy strike for a few days!)

Sweet Joey,

This month you've been giving us so many smiles! I LOVE IT! Every morning you're the happiest baby and always give me a big smile when you wake up. You have been rolling over more consistently and still enjoy tummy time and checking out your mobiles. You've been sleeping in bed with us instead of in your cosleeper. We all seem to get better sleep this way. You've been sleeping through the night for about a week!!! I'm so happy! :-) You snuggle up right next to me. I have figured out how to feed you without waking you up, so I'm still feeding you 2 times at night but it's so much easier now. You love it when I sing to you and when daddy plays fun games with you. I always get comments about how much older you look because you're so long and cause you are so love standing up and holding your head up to check stuff out. You wore newborn clothes for about 6 weeks, you actually still fit into some pants although they are too short for you. I dress you in rompers and dresses mostly because it's SO hot and because most pants still don't fit you around the waist. You still look just like your daddy! Car rides are getting a little better since we took the infant insert out of your seat and you're learning that sleeping in the car is a lot more fun that screaming your lungs out. We can't believe it's been 2 months since you came into this world and we can't imagine our lives without you.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Joey 1 Month

Our sweet punkin' is 2 months old! Time sure does fly by when you're sleep deprived and have a baby attached to you at all times :-) but I love it. Guess I should finally publish our 1st month update that's been sitting in my draft queue.

Joey: 1 Month
-Sleeping on top of daddy
-Mobile/tummy time (you rolled over a few times while doing tummy time!)

-Pacifiers (momma is the only pacifier that will do)
-Waking up alone in cosleeper
-Diaper changes

At 4 weeks you are still in your newborn clothes! I can't believe those tiny little pants still fit you when you look so big! We sometimes get a 4 hour stretch of sleep at night, but you're a total boob girl so we're up often eating. You think playtime is at 3am just about every day and that's exhausting! I took you out alone for the first time to HEB to pick up some groceries. I was a nervous & sweaty wreck, but you slept the entire time in the sling...the car ride home though was not fun. Car rides are not your favorite thing. Around 4 weeks you took your first bottle from daddy and did great! It took a bit to find the right bottle for you and the Comotomo bottles seems to be your preference. Daddy went back to work after staying home with us for 3 weeks and we sure did miss him...but our almost daily trips to Target keep us both busy :-) and sane. We love you so much sweet girl! You have brought so much joy into our lives.

Monday, June 3, 2013

Josephine "Joey" Cecilia

Tomorrow our sweet baby girl will be a month old, so I guess it's time I share the news that we had a baby :-) and we've survived our first 4 weeks!

Josephine "Joey" Cecilia came into this world on May 4th at 10:36 a.m., weighing 8lbs. and .5oz & measuring 21 inches with a ton of hair. I never expected my baby to have so much hair!
I'm adjusting to my new mama schedule which doesn't involve much sleep and my new job as a stay at home mom. I'm so lucky to have a such a wonderful & supportive husband.
My heart is so full of unconditional love & joy for this sweet baby. I wish time would slow down. It feels like it was just yesterday that I was thinking I was going to die before I pushed this baby out, ha! Her birth was nothing like I expected (I never thought I'd scream so much), but it was perfect. For years I've wanted to have a home birth and God granted me my wish. We were surrounded by a group of wonderful women who will forever be like family to us.

Four weeks down...a wonderful lifetime left to go.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Joey's Montessori Nursery

This past Sunday this big ol' belly of mine hit 37 weeks! I still can't believe that there's a full term baby in there and that her due date is less than a month away. How did that happen?! I wrapped up our sweet girl's nursery a few days ago. I stuck to my Montessori nursery plan and I'm so glad I did. It turned out just the way I imagined. She won't be sleeping in there for at least the first 4 months (we've got her co-sleeper ready to go in our bedroom), but I do plan on using her room in the early months for her "play/work" time.

Her name is Josephine, but we call her Joey.

Her floor bed.         

Black & white mobile.
Movement mat area.
Bottom shelf holding her first pieces of Montessori toys/work.
I wanted her room to be simple, organized and child friendly. One of the first things people notice when they enter her room is the missing crib. Montessori nurseries do not have cribs, but have floor beds so that once the baby can move around they are free to explore their room. The entire room is basically considered a "crib." The high contrast decals around her floor bed are from Wee Gallery and this is their garden collection. I've also got a couple of sets of their art cards and framed some of the illustrations as art work in her room and above her changing table. The crib sheet came from Pottery Barn--I love those sweet little birds and her stuffed animals have come from everywhere--Restoration Hardware, local boutiques and some have been gifted.

The opposite corner is where her movement mat area is located. This is where she will spend some time the first few months working on tummy time, different Montessori mobiles (half of which we were able to DIY ourselves), and just time hanging out exploring things. The first mobile I've put up was a simple little project. I printed some images off of the internet, laminated them and clipped them to this photo mobile. I have several sets of images ready to go, so that I can change them out and I also plan to use some of the Wee Gallery art cards on there. In the Montessori world, different mobiles are used at different developmental stages. The first few mobiles are high contrast and eventually once she's interested in grasping, we will be using grasping mobiles--mobiles that she will actually be able to move, make sound with and practice grasping. Most of the mobiles are very unique and pretty--in fact, one afternoon I caught myself totally mesmerized as I watched one of the mobiles we made move and shine when the sunlight would hit it. The quilt I used in this area came from Home Goods and the owl pillow is from Hobby Lobby. The sheepskin rug is something we've had for a couple of years.

Her first pieces of Montessori work on the bottom shelf of her bookcase came from Etsy, with the exception of a precious elephant that a sweet friend made for her. They are such tiny little infant toys, made to fit into perfect little hands. The storage cubes on the top shelf came from Target, I love how large they are. I spelled out her name using cardboard letters from Hobby Lobby, modge podge and cute scrapbook paper. A super easy project and I loved that the letters were so light--I was able to hang them using Command picture strips. 

I'm sure once she arrives and the months start going by things will be changing. Eventually her movement area will be gone and it will most likely turn into her art area and other things will be changing as we learn more about her personality and interests. But, I love her sweet little room and I hope she does too!

Thursday, January 31, 2013

Decisions, decisions! Help, please!

I still haven't started working on baby girl's nursery but I've been nesting in other ways! Like collecting 500 million diapers and diapers covers. My favorite covers are wool covers and I have become obsessed. I may need an intervention soon or I need to learn to knit because other wise J may cancel my Paypal account forever. BUT, how could I possibly resist these custom beautiful pieces:

All pieces were knit by Josie the wonderful and talented lady behind Payley Knits! I'm already busy getting another order ready.

We're about to get ready to start some real work in the nursery. Painting, figuring out closet organization and fabric choices. I need some help with fabrics!

We will be reupholstering a glider that J's grandmother gave us. I think I've narrowed down my fabric choices to these beauties...but I'm so indecisive right now that anything could change. The only fabrics that will be used are for a roman shade/curtains and this chair. Our color scheme consists of lavenders, grays and white. Do you have any other fabric suggestions or a favorite from my picks? Joann's is having a great sale on home decor fabrics, so I reallllly want to pull the trigger soon.  

Speaking of color schemes....does anyone have suggestion for really pretty lavender-grayish paint colors? J is going to kill me :-) We have a million samples of purple paints on the walls but I'm not sure that I love any of them. I'd like something soft and pretty.

I'm determined to finally get working in that room no matter how much I'd rather nap or take baths. May will be here before I know it! I guess it's time things started to feel a little more real.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013


I keep meaning to write some pretty funny things that have happened while pregnant to share with our sweet girl someday. Here are some favorites:

J: (Comment he made after reading a book our doula suggested). We need to make sure we have a nipple brush during labor.
Me: Huh? Ok...what for? (At this point I realize that he probably doesn't know what a nipple brush is).
J: brush your nipples during labor...I guess....
Me: TO DO WHAT?!?! Where does it say that???? A nipple brush is used for nipples on bottles!
J: Oh.....that makes more sense.

J: What smells would you like in the house while you're in labor?
Me: Umm...I don't know...there's still time to think about that. I don't know if I want any smells around here at all.
J: Should I make the house smell like garlic? You love garlic!
Me: No. Are you serious?

Me: We have to get this baby gym for her!
J: Why does she even need that?
Me: WHY DO YOU WANT OUR DAUGHTER TO BE STUPID?! (I begin to start crying, while completely aware that I sound insane).
J: It's ok...she's not going to be stupid...we will go get her that baby gym. I think you're just emotional cause you're pregnant...
Me: I AM NOT CRAZY!!!!! (I apologized a few hours later when I realized I was indeed crazy).

Lady waxing my brows: So, when are you due?
Me: Due? For what?? (Giving her a very confused look).
Lady: Ummm...(Nervous laughter & very confused look on her face).
Me:'s a beautiful day. Thanks and have a good day! (I get in the car and begin to drive away when I realize that she was asking about my due date).

Me: There's a little baby in my belly, so we have to remember to use gentle hands.
E: Ok. There's a baby in there?
Me: Yup...
E: Hmmm...(lifts her shirt up to check her belly)...there's no baby in my belly.
Me: No, no baby in your belly...just my belly!
E: There's crackers in my belly! I like crackers!
A few weeks later...
E: The baby gonna come out of your belly into your panties and pants!
Me: Ummmmmmmmmm.....ok.

This has been quite a fun adventure so far!
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